Prevention and monitoring of the Cessation of Breastfeeding (PRAM-COB) - Pilot Study

Currently, within Australia less than half of those infants who are estimated to have started breastfeeding at birth (80%) are still breastfeeding at four months of age (33%). This is a significant public health issue as the duration of breastfeeding is a surrogate measure for optimal child health outcomes. There is now evidence suggesting that the type of early nutrition during the neonatal and infant period can have long term health consequences on future susceptibility to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease.

The overall aim of this study is to test whether or not the general practice setting and the childhood immunisation scheduled appointment would be an effective place and time to intervene in order to prevent cessation and prospectively monitor infant feeding trends. This pilot study will be testing and evaluating the data collection timing, format and how this may work with the general practitioner/practice nurse day-to-day practice. This will provide us with evidence to guide the development of an appropriate intervention to be used in a proposed future randomized controlled trial aimed at preventing early cessation and monitoring breastfeeding within the primary health care setting.

This pilot study has been funded by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Family Medical Care Education and Research Grant 2010.

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