PhD and Honours

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(Note: Some PhD projects listed can be restructured to accommodate an Honours project. For more information contact the project supervisor.)

Menzies PhD and Honours projects are in the following theme areas:

  • Neurodegenerative diseases and brain injury
  • Cardiorespiratory health and disease
  • Public health and primary care
  • Musculoskeletal health and disease
  • Cancer, genetics and immunology

Neurodegenerative diseases and brain injury

Theme leader: Associate Professor Kaylene Young

We are a team of laboratory based researchers lead by experienced and well funded chief investigators. We are using advanced molecular, cellular, biochemical and imaging tools to understand the mechanisms underlying the brain's response to trauma and diseases such Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis and motor neuron disease.

Cardiorespiratory disease

Theme leader: Professor James Sharman

Our team is a model of the Institute's target of bench-bedside-community approach to multidisciplinary research. All of the chief investigators have extensive records in publication, postgraduate supervision and grant funding. Our primary interests are in reducing the burden of cardiovascular disease by interventions targeted to identify and prevent the initiating events. The tools we use for this purpose range from animal models of insulin resistance and glucose utilization, to physiologic and imaging markers of disease severity in humans, population health studies and clinical interventions to alter the course of disease.

Public health and primary care

Theme leader: Professor Andrew Palmer

Researchers in the public health theme have expertise in epidemiology, behavioural science, environmental health, biostatistics and health economics and seek to better prevent and manage important population health problems. Established partnerships with the Tasmanian State Government and management of the Tasmanian Cancer Registry and Tasmanian Data Linkage Unit ensure a focus on applied research.

Musculoskeletal disease

Theme leader: Professor Graeme Jones

Research in the musculoskeletal area is aimed at using Tasmania's unique population characteristics to investigate musculoskeletal epidemiology, with a particular emphasis on osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and ankylosing spondylitis. Clinical trials are also a key feature of this area.

Cancer, genetics and immunology

Theme leader: Professor Kathryn Burdon

Our team integrates both laboratory researchers and a biostatistics team.  We study the genetic and epigenetic aetiology of human complex disease, in addition to the immune response in the context of complex diseases including cancer, infectious disease and autoimmunity. Our approaches employ a range of current methodologies, from molecular techniques including state-of-the-art next generation sequencing and array technologies, cellular techniques including imaging and flow cytometry, through to animal models.

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Our website also includes the contact details of the laboratory heads, and Institute Senior Members and Members. Feel free to contact them if you wish to learn more about their research, or to enquire about current or future opportunities for Honours and PhD projects.

Contact the Graduate Research Coordinators for further information on PhD and Honours research at Menzies.