TAS-ELF (Tasmanian Study of Echocardiographic detection of Left ventricular dysfunction) study

.The TAS-ELF (TAsmanian Study of Echocardiographic detection of Left ventricular dysfunction) study is a randomised trial to explore the benefits of screening selected patients at risk of developing heart failure. We will do this with a special new imaging technique (strain imaging), in which we at Menzies have special expertise. It is being supported by the Tasmanian Community Fund and we are seeking funding from the National Health & Medical Research Council to extend this nationally.

Heart failure (HF) is a problem that is assuming epidemic proportions, especially among the elderly and commonly in rural environments. Unfortunately, its clinical diagnosis is associated with late-stage disease, which has a poor prognosis and responds poorly to medical therapy. At present, there is no effective strategy for identifying and preventing HF, with the result that patients present late in the course of the disease where hospitalisation is inevitable and treatment responses are poor. Screening of "at risk" patients with a combination of clinical scores and echo imaging is able to identify patients who are liable to develop HF. However, the application of this in a rural environment has not been attempted and the implications of the identification of subclinical HF for preventive treatment in this setting are undefined.

The question that now needs to be answered is whether surveillance with GLS could change HF outcomes in at risk patients. We anticipate that the prompt initiation of therapy in these patients that are recognized to have the earliest phase of HF, will result in improvement in their functional capacity, and arrest in the subsequent progression to HF.

Who we are looking for:

People aged 65 years and older with:

Diabetes, high blood pressure, major weight problems, past chemotherapy for cancer or coronary disease. But not with a history of heart failure

More information is available on the Information Sheet (PDF 171.8KB).

Contact: menzies.taself@utas.edu.au

This project is a participant based study.

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Local Collaborators

  • Dr Emil Djakic (Ulverstone)
  • Dr Tim Flanagan (Longford)
  • Dr Michael Lees (Oatlands)
  • Dr Tim Mooney (Georgetown)
  • Dr Jenny Ostenfeld (Smithton)
  • Dr Bastian Seidel (Huon Valley)

Publications from this study

Publications from this study are accessible through this link: https://rmdb.research.utas.edu.au/public/rmdb/q/indiv_detail_warp_trans/34211 or can be accessed individually through the links below.

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