MicroRNAs and osteoarthritis

Many miRNAs are differentially expressed in different fat depots and between normal and obese adipose tissue. They are important regulators of adipogenesis and lipid metabolism, which potentially contributes to the pathogenesis of obesity associated complications including osteoarthritis. MicroRNAs may regulate inflammation and cartilage homeostasis in osteoarthritis, and the circulating miRNAs could be potential biomarkers for diagnosis of various disorders such as osteoarthritis

This study, based on an established study, is to determine the cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between serum microRNAs, cartilage volume, knee pain, and change in cartilage volume and knee pain in people with knee osteoarthritis.

This study has been supported by Arthritis Australia.

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  • Professor Changhai Ding (Principle Research Fellow)

Team Members

  • Professor Graeme Jones (Professorial Research Fellow)
  • Xia Wang (PhD Student)

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  • Arthritis Australia