Managing Dementia in the Rural Context

This project explored the dementia journey for carers of people with dementia who live in rural areas, with a particular focus on the intersection of formal and informal services. The project examined the social context and processes of the rural dementia experience by beginning at the point at which these forces and factors come into sharpest focus: the PWD-principle carer dyad. In-depth interviews were used to map the matrices of care and support as experienced by twenty (20) PWD-carer dyads and to seek an understanding of how, for them, the formal and informal networks in which they find themselves, interact to shape the dementia experience and trajectory. This will provide the springboard for wider ranging studies into the ways that broader social contexts - rather than simply professional service mixes - shape the dementia trajectory and experience. This information will be used to inform the development of new models of care - firstly in rural settings but ultimately in a full range of settings.

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Team Members

  • Professor Andrew Robinson (Honorary Member)

Local Collaborators

  • Dr Peter Orpin (Senior Research Fellow)