Improving Muscle Insulin Sensitivity

This project will determine the feasibility of a new approach to the treatment of type 2 diabetes, focussing on enhancing muscle insulin sensitivity in insulin resistance by increasing microvascular perfusion of muscle. Our research into the mechanisms of insulin-mediated microvascular perfusion has reached an important stage, identifying the NO-cGMP pathway as an excellent target for augmenting muscle insulin sensitivity. We have evidence that muscle insulin sensitivity can be enhanced in normal, insulin sensitive animals by enhancing NO signalling and microvascular perfusion and this project takes the next step of testing the same approach in insulin resistant animals. In addition to identifying cGMP raising agents that may be useful as anti-diabetic agents, this project will help identify the exact mechanism of the microvascular dysfunction that occurs in type 2 diabetes and also the vascular sites where insulin acts to increase microvascular perfusion.

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  • Eloise Bradley (Research Assistant)
  • Dr Renee Dwyer

External Collaborators

  • Professor Glen McConell - Victoria University, Australia