A study to evaluate the prevalence and distribution of human papillomavirus carriage and associated dysplasia among HIV-positive persons in Tasmania (Tas+HPV)

Persons with HIV are at especially high risk for HPV and its associated dysplasia; however anecdotal evidence suggests that the frequency among persons with HIV in Tasmania is much lower than expected. This study, funded by the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services, seeks to recruit all persons 18 years or older living with HIV in Tasmania and assess the prevalence and determinants of oncogenic HPV carriage and associated dysplasia in the genital and anal areas.

This study began recruitment in February 2012.

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External Collaborators

  • Dr Maree O'Sullivan -Queensland HealthAssociate
  • Professor Sepehr Tabrizi - University of Melbourne
  • Dr Glen Curran - RHH
  • Dr Louise Owen - Department of Health & Human Services, Tasmania
  • Ms Fiona Anderson - RHH
  • Ms Barbara Lennox - RHH
  • Miss EL Thompson - RHH