Tell us how you travel from A to B

Tell us how you travel from A to B

Bus, walk, drive or ride . . . how do you get to where you’re going?

This is one of the questions University of Tasmania researchers will be asking Tasmanians as part of a study looking into public and active forms of transport.

“We want to know how Tasmanians get around so that we can improve their everyday travel experiences,” said lead researcher Dr Verity Cleland, from the university’s Menzies Institute for Medical Research.

The researchers are hoping to hear from people who drive or motorcycle, catch the bus, walk or cycle; men and women; younger and older people; people living alone and those with families; people who work and those who do not, so that a broad range of views are included.

“We also want to know more about Tasmanians’ use and views of public and active forms of transport such as walking and cycling, which have health, social, environmental and economic benefits.

“As well as knowing how Tasmanians get to and from places, we want to know the reasons people choose to travel in the way they do, and how this may relate to health,” Dr Cleland said.

“Gathering this information is important because we can then help government, public transport providers, planners and developers create spaces and infrastructure that support travel behaviours that are healthier for the community. Creating environments that make it easier to use public or active forms of transport means that we can become more active without even having to think about it.”

Study participants could win one of two $100 VISA card vouchers by completing the survey, which is open to people living in Tasmania and aged 18 or older.

Go to to complete the survey.

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