Launceston Public Talk

Event Name Launceston Public Talk
Start Date 4th May 2017 6:00pm
End Date 4th May 2017 7:00pm
Duration 1 hour

Three views on better health

Register here or by calling Menzies reception on 6226-7700.

Our Launceston Public Talk for 2017 will look at Tasmanian medical research into critical health issues:

  • the affect of childhood lifestyle factors on adult heath,
  • smartphone technology that links air quality to asthma and hay fever symptoms and
  • the challenge of managing chronic disease in Tasmania.

Professor Alison Venn, Menzies Director, will speak about her priorities at the Institute and our mission to conduct world class research leading to healthier and better lives for Tasmanians. She will also cover some of her own research – for example the Childhood Determinants of Adult Health study and treatment services for patients with obesity and obesity-related disease.

Dr Fay Johnston, leader of environmental health research at Menzies, will speak about the impact of air quality on asthma and hay fever and the development of a new smarkphone app, called AirRater, that tracks air quality and symptoms.

Professor Nuala Bryne, head of the University of Tasmania's School of Health Sciences, will talk about her research in the area of exercise, nutrition and obesity.

See information about the speakers below.

Thursday May 4, 2017
Tailrace Centre
1 Waterfront Drive,
Talk 6pm – 7pm. Tea and coffee from 5.30pm. We will reserve time for your questions.

Register here or by calling Menzies reception on 6226-7700.

Professor Alison Venn
Director, Menzies Institute for Medical Research

Alison Venn is a professor of epidemiology,  studying health-related issues commonly affecting Tasmanians and others around the world. In addition to her role as the Institute's Director, Professor Venn's major research focus is on obesity and the childhood determinants of adult health.

Dr Fay Johnston
Environmental health researcher, Menzies Institute for Medical Research

Dr Johnston is a public health physician, environmental epidemiologist and general practitioner. Her  research group is investigating environmental determinants of health including the impacts of smoke pollution from outdoor fires and domestic wood heaters, aero-allergens and heatwaves.

Professor Nuala Byrne
Head, School of Health Sciences, University of Tasmania

Professor Byrne's research focuses on nutritional and exercise physiology, particularly in the areas of energy metabolism, its relationship to obesity and achieving good health through appropriate diet and exercise.