Haemochromatosis in Australia: a Cost of Illness Study

The Haemochromatosis Cost of Illness study is a cross-sectional study that aims to quantify all the direct (e.g. medical) and indirect (e.g. productivity losses) costs associated with the condition. This is the first time such a study has been conducted. It is part of a larger study that will use this cost data to build a model to investigate the cost-effectiveness of haemochromatosis screening strategies for the Australian population.

We are looking for people aged 18 or over, who have been diagnosed with haemochromatosis and are living in Australia. The survey is conducted online and is confidential. In the first part of the survey, participants are asked to complete a survey about their health, living arrangements, employment status, income, personal support and any private health insurance.

The second part of the study is the cost diary. Participants are asked to complete a web-based diary at the end of each month, for three months, recording health care costs that were incurred due to haemochromatosis. Whether participants have many costs or none, we are interested in collecting this data.

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This project is a participant based study


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