Clinical trials of new treatments for cancer & blood disease

Through collaboration with colleagues nationally and internationally, and under contract from various pharmaceutical companies, we are offering Tasmanian patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials of new treatment for cancer and blood diseases. The trials are mainly phase III studies, in other words comparison studies of new with established treatments. These trials usually require large numbers of patients (numbered in the hundreds or even thousands) who are recruited from specialist treatment centres throughout the world. We also take part in phase II studies (preliminary trials to establish prima facie effectiveness of new medicinals) and phase I studies (trials of new drugs to establish tolerability and safety). All trials require prior approval by relevant research and ethics committees.

This project is a participant based study

Research Groups

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Team Leaders

  • Professor Ray Lowenthal (Honorary Member)

Team Members

  • Dr Katherine Marsden (Honorary Fellow)
  • Dr Louise Nicholson (Charge Nurse)

Local Collaborators

  • Dr Ian Byard
  • Sue Davoran
  • Elizabeth Hammer
  • Dr Rosie Harrup
  • Dr Anna Johnston
  • Dr Roger Kimber
  • Lesley Oliver
  • Dr Ritam Prasad
  • Dr Scott Ragg
  • Dr Marketa Skala
  • Deirdre Tuck
  • Dr Rosemary Young
  • Dr Louise Nott

External Collaborators

  • Dr Inger Oleson
  • Christie Russell-Jarvie