Protein Structure and Function: Gell Group

Our group is primarily interested in proteins from a structural and biophysical perspective. In the world of proteins, non-covalent interactions determine the three-dimensional structure as well as interactions with other proteins, DNA, RNA, small ligands, and chemical messengers. We ask how these interactions translate to cellular function, and we are interested in ways that aberrant protein interactions can give rise to disease. We use three-dimensional structures to provide a framework within which to understand protein function. Our current projects are focussed on proteins of significant medical interest in blood and in the nervous system.

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  • Dr David Gell (Senior Research Fellow)

Team Members

  • Claire Dickson (PhD Candidate)
  • Kaavya Krishna Kumar (PhD Candidate)

Local Collaborators

  • Associate Professor Steve Cheung (Senior Member)
  • Associate Professor Margaret Cooley (Member)
  • Dr Lisa Foa (Honorary Fellow)
  • Dr Rob Gasperini (Research Fellow)
  • Dr Louise Roddam (Honorary Associate)
  • Professor David Small (Senior Member)

External Collaborators

  • Professor Robert Clubb - University of California, Los Angeles
  • Professor Joel Mackay - University of Sydney
  • Dr Mitchell Weiss - University of Pennsylvania

Related Publications

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