Leukaemia: Lowenthal Group

Bone Marrow Transplant Investigation

Our work involves both clinical and laboratory studies designed to improve techniques of bone marrow transplantation. BMT is a method of treatment that improves cure rates and prolongs remission for patients with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and other blood cancers. Although often successful, BMT is a toxic and still dangerous treatment with a mortality rate of 2-5 per cent. We have investigated techniques of outpatient transplantation and laboratory studies showing success with BMT after long-term storage of bone marrow and blood stem cells.

Fucoidan: haematological properties

Fucoidan is a long chain branching sugar that is extracted from seaweed that grows off the coast of Tasmania. We are investigating its ability to stimulate CD34+ haemopoietic stem cells and its anticoagulant properties.

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  • Professor Ray Lowenthal (Honorary Member)

Team Members

  • Dr Katherine Marsden (Honorary Fellow)
  • Dr Louise Nicholson (Charge Nurse)

External Collaborators

  • Dr Rosie Harrup
  • Royal Hobart Hospital
  • Dr Anna Johnston
  • Dr Roger Kimber
  • Royal Hobart Hospital
  • Rachel Prall
  • Dr Ritam Prasad
  • Dr Scott Ragg
  • Royal Hobart Hospital
  • Gill Sheldon Collins
  • Deirdre Tuck
  • Royal Hobart Hospital
  • Dr Rosemary Young
  • Royal Hobart Hospital

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