Help those living wth chronic illness by donating to our Summer Appeal

Help those living wth chronic illness by donating to our Summer Appeal

Tasmania is well known for its clean, green image and enviable lifestyle – but sadly, not everyone in our community gets to appreciate these benefits.

In Tasmania we have the highest number of people in the country living with chronic disease and two or more illnesses. This puts increased pressure on our already struggling health system.

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With your support, we can focus on conditions that most impact the lives of Tasmanians.
In line with our vision at Menzies for a healthier Tasmania, our researchers led by Dr Tania Winzenberg, are focused on providing practical assistance to medical professionals treating patients with multiple medical conditions

“This research will directly impact clinical practice and health policy in an area in tremendous need of improved care,” Professor Winzenberg said.

“This will not be one-size fits all model. We want to work with general practices to create a framework which will improve on the delivery of this care.”

By donating to our Summer Appeal you can support our researchers to assist GPs and other medical staff, to ensure their patient’s conditions are managed in the best way possible.

Together we can alleviate our struggling health system and improve lives.

Making a donation to Menzies in support of our research is a direct way to make a positive impact. Please consider a gift today.