Review of Candidature

The Review Process

First Year

Graduate research candidates enrolled at Menzies Research Institute Tasmania are expected to go through a Confirmation Process at the end of their first year, whereby they are expected to present at an academic forum and submit written work for assessment by a panel of experts. The panel reviews the student's presentation and written work, and reports of the general nature of the outcome.

Second Year Onwards

Annual Reviews are held for all graduate research candidates from second year onwards.

Graduate research candidates, their supervisors and heads of school are asked to review the candidates' progress for the year. The review allows a candidate to discuss achievements as well as any difficulties they have experienced over the past 12 months and to discuss plans for the coming 12 months.

At the conclusion of the review, the candidate, supervisors and head of school must certify that the review has been held, and report on the general nature of the outcome.

For further information on the process of Annual Reviews visit the Graduate Research website.

CONTACT the Menzies Graduate Research Coordinators for further information.