The OMM Study

OMM study

Is Mindfulness a Noticeable Quality?

Promises about the benefits of mindfulness training include external effects like prosocial behaviours, performance, citizenship and team dynamics, but these have not been
well studied.

To have external effects, an individual’s mindfulness needs to have an impact on others; and to have an impact it needs to be noticeable. There is currently no quantitative measure for assessing this.

Study Objective

Develop and validate a new Observed Mindfulness Measure (OMM) for use in research.

Status (at November 2018)

Observed mindfulness is the noticeable tendency of another person to be mindful: attentive to and aware of current experience, and displaying an attitude of curiosity, openness and acceptance.

We have collected data to test the OMM from more than 500 individuals and participant pairs throughout 2017 and 2018. Thank you to everyone who has helped out!

Psychometric tests indicate a 9-item version of the OMM is a valid and reliable peer-report instrument that assesses the mindfulness of others. Its three factors (awareness, attentiveness and acceptance) closely reflect key aspects of personal mindfulness.

Approved by the Tasmanian Social Sciences Human Research Ethics Committee Ref: H0016341.


The overall and factor scores can be used to cross-validate self-reported results in mindfulness intervention research.

The factor subscales provide new information about the qualities of mindfulness that are noticeable to others.

The OMM can be used for research into the effects of mindfulness that go beyond personal mental health and wellbeing to impact others. This is particularly pertinent for workplace research


The Observed Mindfulness Measure: Development and Validation. Bartlett, L., Martin, A., Sanderson, K., Kilpatrick, M., Bruno, R., Otahal, P., Neil, A.L. Poster presentation. European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology Conference, Lisbon, September 2018.

Measuring the Mindfulness of Others: Development and Validation of the Observed Mindfulness Measure. Bartlett, L. Oral presentation. Mind & Life Institute’s International Symposium on Contemplative Studies, Phoenix, November 2018.

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