Devil Facial Tumour Disease: Woods Group

Research in the Cancer and Immunology Group is aimed at understanding how cancer cells escape detection by the immune system. Our immune system can detect and destroy cancer cells but occasionally some cancer cells have developed mechanisms to avoid immune detection. By understanding how, it might be possible to develop approaches to reduce cancer incidence. We are studying this question from separate approaches. One is by studying the ability of UVB-radiation to suppress the immune system and another by studying cancer cells, such as devil facial tumour disease cancer cells, that survive in the presence of a functional immune system.

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  • Professor Greg Woods (Principal Research Fellow)

Team Members

  • Dr Kathy Belov
  • Dr Silvana Bettiol
  • Gabby Brown
  • Dr Vanessa Hayes
  • Dr Alexandre Kreiss
  • Dr Elizabeth Murchison
  • Dr David Obendorf
  • Dr Cesar Tovar

Local Collaborators

  • Professor Konrad Muller

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* Denotes Menzies Researcher