Donate to our Summer appeal

Donate to our Summer appeal

One in six Australians will suffer a stroke and 30% will be under 65 years of age. Our Summer appeal will support research to help prevent stroke and assist those who have had a stroke.

At Menzies, our researchers are working hard to understand the causes of stroke and how
effective rehabilitation can lead to healthier, longer and better lives for stroke survivors. You have
an excellent opportunity to support Menzies researchers, such as Dr Michele Callisaya (above) and Dr Seana Gall in their endeavours to prevent stroke and to care for  stroke survivors.

There is growing evidence that increasing the amount of therapy, particularly in the first six months after a stroke, improves outcomes. Despite this, numerous studies have reported that physical and cognitive activity is low in an inpatient rehabilitation setting and once a patient returns home.

At Menzies, Dr Michele Callisaya (pictured) and PhD student Dawn Simpson, both physiotherapists, are investigating innovative and practical ways to increase the amount of rehabilitation in hospital and at home. This research aims to increase the speed of recovery, improve the quality of life for stroke survivors and to reduce the costs associated with stroke.

If you or someone you know has had a stroke in the past two years and would like to be involved in this research please contact Dawn or Michele on 03 6226 4785.

In a separate project drawing on unique local and international data,  Dr Seana Gall and her team of researchers are seeking to better understand the specific causes of haemorrhagic stroke and to use this knowledge to develop interventions to reduce the identified risk factors (particularly in women). This research draws on the unique settings of Tasmania, with a focus on suitable interventions in rural and regional areas.

Click here to donate to our Summer appeal for stroke research.